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Block Out
Easy to play, difficult to master, impossible to quit! Welcome to the world of Blockout! One of the most absorbing puzzle games ever devised. Drop as many 3-D blocks as you can into a pit without reaching the top. The better you do, the faster the blocks will fall. It takes skill to rotate each block into its best position without leaving any unfilled holes. This is 3-D puzzle action at its best!
Game Information
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type
Release Year1991
Part #PA2056
Cart Type
DeveloperCalifornia Dreams
Players (Console)1
Players (ComLynx)N/A
VariantsNo recorded variants
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External Information
AtariAge Rarity3 / 10
RarityGuide Rarity86 / 100
PriceCharting PricesLoose: $15 (USD)
Complete: $17.5 (USD)
New: $20.1 (USD)
Telegames Price£44.99 (GBP)
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