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Oct 15 2018
Talking about re-released games and future developments with Songbird Productions
Oct 15 2018
A new space shooter game for Atari Lynx has been announced - Captain Harlynx. 🚀 This one looks quite amazing!
Oct 15 2018
After 12 months of waiting there's been an update on the upcoming Atari Lynx game - 'Dama', it's not finished yet but the project is not dead!
Oct 13 2018
The new curved lip re-releases of Songbird Productions games are now available for purchase
Oct 7 2018
There's a competition running over at AtariAge forums where you can win a copy of Shaken, not stirred 🎯
Oct 7 2018
There's an issue that's causing the online Atari Lynx emulator to not work in Chrome, we're looking into this! 🚧
Oct 1 2018
The Consolized Atari Lynx Part 3 video has been released by Retro Revolutions.
Sep 27 2018
A new homebrew game has been announced for the Atari Lynx - BomberCats - it's a Bomberman clone...with cats!
Sep 25 2018
Tried out some PVC coin album sleeves for storing Atari Lynx game carts, they work quite well overall, just don't try to store PCB style carts in them!
Sep 25 2018
A huge update to the Atari Lynx Game Cheats and Tips section of the website, check it out!
Sep 22 2018
Atari Gamer is working on an interview with Super Fighter Team, the publisher of Zaku, stay tuned!