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Aug 19 2019
SongBird Productions just released new custom boxes for their Atari Lynx games
Aug 18 2019
Jon's done another Atari Lynx game walkthrough, this time it's for the first mission of Cybervirus! Check out the video here.
Jul 30 2019
Mr Lurch has put up a quick install video showing off the Atari Gamer LCD bracket for BennVenn's LCD kit. Check it out here.
Jul 24 2019
Jon Mc's walkthrough videos for Atari Lynx have been great, if you haven't been following them you really should check out his channel. He's recently put up two more walkthroughs of California Games, the first one is the surfing and the other is the footbag event.
Jul 24 2019
There's a new Captain Harlynx video that shows off new enemies and level design. It's a short clip of gameplay from Stage 1.1 and it looks fantastic. This game is shaping up to be something really great! 🚀
Jul 23 2019
The official boxes for Songbird Productions Atari Lynx games have been confirmed as getting the go ahead. This is what Songbird Productions had to say - "The print run is going to happen. I may end up not printing boxes for some of my oldest games, because a) I don't think I would sell very many, and b) there is a limit of how many boxes I can fit per sheet at the printer. Stay tuned!"
Jul 15 2019
The BennVenn Atari Lynx LCD kit is finally shipping. Get your's for $50 (USD) and don't forget to order the $3 mounting bracket to make your life easier. Atari Gamer did a review of this kit and the conclusion was: it rocks!
Jul 14 2019
RetroHQ has been working on a new version of Lynx SD called the Lynx SD Slim. This version will have a new slick design and will be able to load ROMs much faster than the current version.
Jul 9 2019
Jon Mc is at it again - he brings you a walkthrough of the infamous Atari Lynx game Krazy Ace. Check out the video here.
Jul 2 2019
Jon Mc and Atari Gamer are back with another Homebrew Highlights episode. This time it's covering Knight Moves, a logic/puzzle game involving chess pieces. Check out the video here.
Jun 30 2019
If you've been following the news, you would have seen the last two episodes of Todd's Adventures in Slime World covered by Jon Mc, well here's another video of the walkthrough of episode 3. Enjoy!
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