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This article has been reproduced here with permission from Igor's Blog.

I'm finally getting around to fixing my Atari Lynx consoles. This includes replacing all the old capacitors so that the screens and sound work again. There are capacitor lists available online, but I've not seen a compiled picking list, so decided to put one together, one for each of the Lynx 1 and Lynx 2 consoles.

You can just buy fully assembled capacitor kits on eBay already, but since I need a few more components, I'm probably going to be placing my order at RS Components.

Anyway, these are the picking lists:

Lynx I4x 10uf 6.3v
3x 47uf 6.3v
1x 220uf 6.3v

1x 470uf 10v

2x 10uf 35v
1x 100uf 35v

2x 1uf 50v

2x 2.2uf 63v

Lynx II4x 10uf 6.3v
4x 47uf 6.3v
2x 220uf 6.3v

1x 470uf 10v

2x 10uf 35v
1x 100uf 35v

4x 1uf 50v
2x 2.2uf 50v


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