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Alien vs Predator (Prototype)
The Alien Vs Predator prototype is different than the AVP you can download to play in Handy, or buy on cart form for your Lynx from several people in that this was an earlier prototype where you could actually select the third ALIEN character as well as Marine and Predator. There are many differences between this version and the one floating around on the net and eBay. Cut scenes differ slightly, sfx, maps, etc.
Game Information
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type
Release Year1993
Part #N/A
Cart Type
Pack Type
GenreFirst Person Shooter
Players (Console)1
Players (ComLynx)3
Alien vs Predator ( - - )Rarity: 44
Alien vs Predator (Prototype) ( - - )Rarity: 81
See definitions of Rarity Scores and Release Types.
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Pricing Information
Other Price$700 (~USD)
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