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Hanoi is the classic among puzzle games.

How many turns does it take you to solve this challenge?
Hanoi est un classique parmi les puzzle games.
Combien faudra-t-il de tours pour solutionner ce défi ?
Hanoi ist der Klassiker unter den Knobel- und Geduldsspiel.
Mit wieviel Zügen kannst du diese Aufgabe bewältigen?
Hanoi è il classico tra i giochi di puzzle.
In quante mosse risolverai questa sfida?
Hanoi es un clásico entre los juegos de puzzle.
¿Cuántos turnos necesitarás para superar el desafío?
Hanoi is de klassieker onder de puzzel spellen.
Hoeveel zetten heb jij nodig om deze uitdaging op te lossen?

Game Information
Rarity29 (2)
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type💥 This is a recent release!
Part #LS2003
Cart & Pack Type
DeveloperVince & Rygar
PublisherLuchs Soft
Players (Console - ComLynx)1 - N/A
ROM AvailableNo
Variants (Compare)
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Related Information
External Rarity Information
External Links
Official Website
Pricing Information
Other Price$50 (~USD)
Game Media

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