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Scrapyard Dog
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Scrapyard Dog
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Scrapyard Dog
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Scrapyard Dog by Jon Mc
Extra Shield

For an extra shield, move halfway across the screen at the start of any level. Pause the game and press B. If you are positioned correctly, an extra shield will be awarded and the text "Shield Awarded" will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Extra Shield

For another extra shield, wait until the clock is at "299", then pause the game and press B. This cheat may only work in earlier levels of the game.

Extra Money and Items

Locate a shop that has a red $5 money bag on the same screen as the shop’s entrance. Collect the money, enter the shop, then exit. The money bag will appear again. Collect the money and repeat this procedure to increase your funds. Buy extra lives for $35 each if time runs out during this trick. Up to 9 shields at $10 each may also be collected with this procedure.

Last updated on 24 September 2018
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