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Fat Bobby

Fat Bobby, the lead guitar player, has had his musical group kidnapped by the evil Dr. Mephisto. You guide Bobby thru a multitude of levels in this classic platform hopper. Collect notes and hints, as you encounter the henchmen of Dr. Mephisto. That guitar can "strum" more than just notes!

The evil Dr. Mephisto has kidnapped the rest of Fat Bobby's musical group. Only you as lead guitar player Fat Bobby can guide Bobby through a multitude of levels in this classic platform hopper. Limited edition game cartridge for your Lynx

Game Information
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type
Release YearN/A
Part #LX836
Cart Type
Pack Type
DeveloperSteve Mitchell
Players (Console)1
Players (ComLynx)N/A
Variants (Compare)
Fat Bobby (Demo) ( - - )Rarity: 0
Fat Bobby ( - - )Rarity: 61
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Related Information
External Rarity Information
AtariAge Rarity7 / 10
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Official Website
Pricing Information
PriceCharting PricesComplete: $59 (USD)

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Telegames Price£49.99 (GBP)
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