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Blue Lightning

Flight Command chose you to fly the top secret Blue Lightning combat jet on its first flight. You finished last at flight school so you have nothing to lose.

Trails of smoke warn of oncoming enemy missiles. A few quick barrel rolls and you avoid the missiles. now here come the jets!

With guns blazing you fly into the thick of the enemy formation.

If you can somehow complete nine crucial missions which combine the explosive action of combat with the quiet stealth of night flight, you'll be a hero. If you fail, no one will even remember your name.

Game Information
Rarity69 (5)
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type
Part #PA2020
Cart & Pack Type
Players (Console - ComLynx)1 - N/A
ROM AvailableYes   🎮 Play Online
Variants (Compare)
Blue Lightning ( - - )Rarity: 40
Blue Lightning ( - - )Rarity: 46
Blue Lightning ( - - )Rarity: 52
Blue Lightning ( - - )Rarity: 62
Blue Lightning ( - - )Rarity: 64
Blue Lightning ( - - )Rarity: 69
Blue Lightning ( - - )Rarity: 69
Blue Lightning ( - - )Rarity: 69
See definitions of Rarity Scores and Release Types.
Related Information
HandycastEpisode 01 - Blue Lightning 
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External Rarity Information
AtariAge Rarity5 / 10
RarityGuide Rarity84 / 100
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Pricing Information
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